About Me

Hi, I Am Sourav Dilip

I am Working since 2019 as a Health and fitness coach, I am fitness freak and as well as amazing knowledge of nutrition science.


I Transform myself in 2018 in a old fashion gym without any fancy machine. Through out my fitness Journey I realized one thing that You can achieve your ideal fitness by dedication.


I am Providing Free Health and Fitness content that definitely helpful for you guys. Infact I am Providing Workout and nutition Plan Free and paid Both.


I want you guys to make yourself Healthy and I am on a mission to help as many as people on the planet earth with my free knowledge.


Sourav Dilip

Since 2015 when I started my health and fitness journey, I  was a beginner in the fitness industry and zero knowledge about health and fitness but I have a passion and dedication to gain all the beneficial  knowledge about weight training and how to sync with the right nutrition plan. And finally I achieved that level of mindset and courage to help you as well with my beautiful thoughts.

Basically I am a Graduate in the field of engineering. But the reality is my heart is always in fitness field so I just want to help as many people on the planet earth.

After completing my graduation I start working on my fitness and help lots of gym buddies to transform their physique. I am the person who helped everyone without any money and that’s why I feel blessed and proud to be a fitness freak. 

That’s it guys I hope you are with me and I am providing you 101% value through my content. Please follow me on social media handles here I post daily workout and nutrition related videos.

Beginning of My Journey

sourav dilip college

What I Do for Healthy Nutrition?

I prepare own meals according to my total calories consumption. I add protein, carbs and fats in my diet, and adjust according to my current goal. Being Healthy is not just a part of my life but it's my life. I usually add 5-6 meals in a day which is small in quantity but high in quality. I drink 4-5 liters of water in a day to hydrate my body.

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