How to gain muscle mass fast

muscles mass
Muscle Mass

Hey, What’s up guys today we are discussing how to gain muscle mass fast. Before I start my article on muscle mass gain we have to learn about human anatomy and nutrition science.

As I give you a short explanation of human anatomy means the study of muscles and how they are attached to the bones. The nutrition science is totally dependent on the selection of the good quality and quantity of food.

When I was a beginner in 2015 I am the person who was very thin then I realized the fact that fitness and bodybuilding are two different things. The reason why I am telling you guys is that many young people go in the wrong direction.

My Story :

When I was a kid I am very actively involve in sports like I play football, cricket, badminton and running as well. So, as a sports guy, it is very important to run well and have good stamina and endurance in my body.

As I grow up my body starts storing fats because of the unhealthy eating lifestyle I ate burgers, pizza, samosa, cold drinks, etc. But from 2015 I realized that my body is my temple and I should work on it and make it better. I have no idea about muscle mass, nutrition science, and all that stuff.

I did work out 7 days a week like a fool beginner no one is telling me about the correct way to build the mass gain.

Then one of my friends Akshit and Mihir they are giving me some knowledge about the workout and diet plan, that day I feel proud that someone is helping me out.

As I following Akshit and Mihir I got results but I want more knowledge about health and fitness, then I start reading magazines on health and fitness. For workout plans and nutrition I read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s books on bodybuilding it gives me so much knowledge and clarity.

Two types of muscle gaining :

  • Clean gaining
  • Dirty gaining

Clean Gaining: Clean gaining means you have to gain only high-quality muscle mass without gaining too many fats, clean gaining is also known as clean bulking.

There are several methods to gain clean muscle mass in your body. But I am going to tell you one of them if you are beginner, intermediate and advanced level this will work for you.

clean gaining
Clean Gain

Dirty Gaining: Dirty gaining means you are gaining only fat mass on your body and feel like you’re gaining muscle mass, dirty gaining is known as dirty bulking.

This is totally unhealthy I am telling you guys don’t eat too much for gaining and don’t believe in bro-science.

dirty bulk
Dirty Gain

Ways to gain muscle mass :

Please follow the below steps to gain muscle mass fast –

  1. First of check your body type in which category you are laying i.e Endomorph, Mesomorph or Ectomorph.
  2. Now Measure you height and weight to find out your BMR ( Basal metabolic rate ) ideal calories.
  3. For example your BMR is 1700 then mutiply with 1.5 i.e 1700*1.5= 2550 Cal.
  4. This is the ideal daily maintenance calories add 500 more to gain weight i.e 3050 cal per day.
  5. Let’s dowload the MY FITNESSPAL app for calories calculation here you can track your calories. And make your own customise meal plan according to your goal.
  6. Break your Calories in protein, carbs and fats.
  7. Take protein-30% Carbs-50% and fats-20% of total calories.
  8. Add compound movement exercise in your workout plan.
  9. Drink at least 4-5 liters of water daily.
  10. Take a sleep of 6-8 hrs a day.

So guys follow the above steps to gain muscle mass fast in the first 3 months. These simple steps work for me I hope you all are getting results too. If you are a beginner start with 250 extra calories in your diet. And when your muscle mass increase you can add more 250 cal add on this will keep increasing your muscle.

Conculsion :

So my dear friends at last the verdict of the whole article is please stick on your basic first. The bulking of your body is totally dependent on the workout and the nutrition as well. So if you follow these steps for mass gaining you will definitely achieve your goals.

After 3 months your body maybe hit the paletto then you need to change your workout plan. That’s it guys I hope you enjoy the content please follow me on social media handles. And comment below if any queries or suggestions.

How to gain muscle mass fast
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How to gain muscle mass fast
The tips and tricks to gain muscle mass fast by using some basic workout and diet. How to gain muscle mass fast article helps the people who want to gain muscle mass quickly.
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