Fitness Programs

Transform With Our Fitness Programs By Healthy Thunder

Muscle Building

12 Weeks Muscle Building Program

Hey, I am offering customized 12-week Muscle Building/Strength Training Programs at an affordable price. The plan is designed according to your needs and requirements. One-on-one free consultation on Muscle Building/Strength Training, tracking your daily calories, and body transformation online through video calls. And you can get 100% satisfaction after following the plan.

  • Customized 12-week workout & diet plan.
  • 2 training sessions per week.
  • Receive expert guidance.
  • One-on-One video call for tracking progress.
  • Result driven customized 12-week plan.
endurance workout weight loss

8 weeks Fatloss Program

Transform your physique with our cutting-edge Fat Loss Program! Burn fat, build lean muscle, and reach your dream figure. For long-term weight loss, our plan includes customized exercises, personalized dietary programs, and professional support. Join our supportive team, have access to special resources, and go on a road to a better, happier you. Begin losing weight and feeling better now!

  • Customized 8-Weeks workout & diet plan
  • Receive expert guidance.
  • 1 training session per week
  • Interactive Session with Live video for real-time feedback and encouragement
  • Result driven 8-weeks fatloss plan

Online Personal Training

With our Online Personal Training, you can unleash your fitness potential!” Experience top-tier exercises designed just for you, as well as one-on-one sessions with us from the comfort of your own home. Receive personalized instruction, effortlessly measure progress, and remain inspired with commitment and guidance. Boost your fitness journey now and reach the goals you set with ease and competence right at your fingertips!

  • Personal training specifically tailored to you and your goals.
  • Customized workout & diet plan.
  • Receive expert guidance.
  • Interactive Session with Live video for real-time feedback and encouragement
  • 3 training sessions per week.
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Nutrition/Diet Plans

Our Nutrition and Diet Plan can transform your health! Get to know a personalized approach to eating healthy and reaching your wellness goals. Our program provides customized meal plans, expert nutritional advice, and reasonable strategies for long-term lifestyle adjustments. Unlock the keys to fueling your body and improving your relationship with food, from weight loss to increased energy. Start your road to a better you right now!

  • Customized Diet plan according to your goals.
  • Receive expert guidance.
  • Track progress with tools to measure meals, calories and achievements.
  • Result driven scientifically customized nutrition plan.