Protein Rich Food For Vegetarians


Hey as we all know that as a Protein-rich food for vegetarians we have difficulty completing our protein requirement.

Protein-rich food for vegetarians is available on the earth but high protein food is very limited. In this particular article,

we are discussing high protein food for vegetarians. A veg diet is a very good option when you have a limited budget.

Ten High Protein-rich Vegetarian Food :

Here you got the top ten protein-rich food for vegetarians to complete your daily requirement. A study says that an average human being needs per pound body weight of protein on a daily basis. A protein is a macro-nutrient

which is the building block of amino acids and commonly there are 20 amino acids that combine to form a complete protein. Protein is mainly coming from Two major sources i.e. Animals and Plants.

Mainly we are consuming animals as Non-Vegetarian and the plant source protein is consumed by Vegetarians and vegans.

1. Milk ( Source- Cow, Buffalo and Goat )

milk protein rich food

Milk is an essential source of protein-rich food for vegetarians as we already know that whey protein is the highest quality protein. But along with whey, we get some fats and carbs which are saturated fats. When I personally suggest going for cow or goat milk.

The reason behind this is the bioavailability of the protein nutrient which is considered high compare to buffalo.

In 240 ml of milk, you got approx. 8g of protein and other carbs and high fat. If you want to increase the protein requirement then get Non-fat milk rather than whole milk.

2. Almond Protein Milk :

Almond protein milk is one of the richest protein sources for vegetarians. This milk is extracted from the almonds and added some flavor in it like chocolate, vanilla, cookies and etc.

Protein nutrient is comparatively low as whole milk but some companies add whey protein blends in the almond milk to increase the protein dosage.

3. Soybean ( Soychunks )

Soybean is a high-quality vegetarian protein source it mainly comes from the legume family. You can use it as a soya chunk to add to your salad or make a sandwich of soya chunks.


soya chunks contain approx. 52g protein per 100g of serving, this is an amazing protein source but you get carbs and fats also.

You can add soya chunks in your pre-workout and post-workout. In the market, there are some myths regarding soya chunks i.e. it increases your estrogen level. But guys trust me if you take it in moderation nothing will happen.

4. Yogurt :

Yogurt is the wonderful and very tasty vegetarian protein source on my list. Here you guys add non-fat yogurt to your diet it comes 10g of high-quality protein in 100g of serving.

protein vegetarian yogurt

I personally use greek yogurt in my smoothies it gives me very good taste and it controls my sweet tooth.

Greek yogurt is a great choice for my vegetarian buddies. You guys definitely give it a shot.

5. Cottage Cheese :

Cottage cheese is again a very good source of high protein and good fats. If you use 100g of serving you get 20-24g of protein in the cottage cheese.

If you guys live in the metro city try to get non-fat cottage cheese it has very low fats in the cheese. You can Tofu as well in your diet it is an alternative to cottage cheese.

6. Tofu :

Tofu yum yum is the highest premium quality protein source. It gives 8g of protein per 100g of serving.

Tofu Protein food

Tofu is made up of soy milk it is further filtered out to eliminate the carbs and fats from the soy.

You can add tofu to your lunch and dinner to make it protein-rich.

7. Legumes :

Here is another plant protein source for your legume family. Under this, we have Kidney beans, chickpeas, pulses, etc.

But here is some issue with the legume it is not a complete protein source you can add 100g of wheat or rice to complete the amino acid.

Protein rich legumes

Basically, legumes are the secondary source of protein. So we have to compromise with the quality.

8. Whey Protein :

Here is the king of all the Protein sources especially in vegetarians. Whey is the highest quality of protein because it has all the amino acid chains.

Whey protein is 90% of bio-availability to digest quickly in our system and repair the muscle fibers. I personally suggest choosing whey protein isolate because it has 0% of Carbs and Fats.

1 Scoop of protein gives you approx. 25-27 g of protein depending upon the brand to brand.

9. Nuts :

Nuts are again a good quality source of protein and fats. You can add nuts like peanuts, almonds, cashews, and walnuts are great sources to complete the daily requirement.


You can add peanut butter to your snack meals to hit the macros. Peanut butter is a very tasty and healthy source of good fats.

Buy a good quality peanut butter that is free from hydrogenated oil. Add 1-2 TB spoon of peanut butter it gives you 8-10 g of protein.

10. Seeds :

Now the last source is our seeds, we have a variety of seeds like Flaxseed, Chia seed, sunflower seed, Pumpkin seed, etc.


These seeds are a good source of protein and healthy fats. It helps to complete your protein requirement and also provides some essential vitamins and minerals to your body.

Seeds are high in omega-3 fats which are very good for brain and heart health. You can add 1-2 spoons of any seeds to your meals.

Bottom Line :

The Verdict is very simple to my all vegetarian friends we have some limitations in taking protein. But we can combine different foods to complete our protein. In the vegetarian diet, there is always a gap in lean protein because along with that it contains Cabs and Fats. Whey Protein is the only vegetarian source that is the lean protein source.

So that’s it guys I hope you loved the article, If you Like it Please share it on all the social media sites to support me and in the future, more amazing helpful content is coming.

Protein-rich food for vegetarians
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Protein-rich food for vegetarians
The Top 10 high-quality protein-rich food for vegetarians to complete the daily requirement. Easy and affordable vegetarian protein sources.
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