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Ten Best Fat loss Tips Helps You Get Better.

The amazing Ten best fat loss tips that help you to burn the fat as quickly as you want, these tips are personally my own experience and tired and test on me and some of my gym buddies.

According to the WHO report globally 1.9 billion people are suffering from obesity. As we talk about our country i.e India also known as Bharat, India ranks 3rd in the global obesity index.

In 2020 the overweight and obesity rate was 30.5% this will be increased more by 10% in 2040. According to the National Family Health survey India-3 (NFHS-3), 13% of women and 9% of men (15-49 years) were obese in 2005-06.

Carrying too much bodyweight causes you Heart disease, Hypertension, and Type-2 diabetes.

In this article, we provide you 10 best fat loss tips.

1. Drink 250-500ml water, early morning

drink water

Fat loss tip number one is to drink enough water to hydrate your body and calm your hunger hormones.

Tip number one is absolutely fantastic you guys already heard through your elders. When you are waking up in the morning drink water lukewarm or normal it’s your choice.

Drinking water with an empty stomach can boost metabolism by 20-30% over a period of 1-1.5 hours. It helps you to burn fat because scientifically if you faster metabolism you can burn more calories.

Add 1 fresh lemon in water to increase the vitamins and more minerals, lemon helps you to detox your system and clean the intestinal tract.

2. Take calorie deficit diet for fat loss

  • First of all you need to calculate your BMR and Multiply with 1.7 for fatloss the calories are the maintaince calories.
  • Now for example you have 2500 calories you need minus 250-500 calories, And take 2000 calories a day for fatloss.
  • For great fatloss you have to track you high quailty calories coming from the good source of food.
  • You can download my FITNESSPAL app for calories tracking and much more.

3. Add green vegetables

healthy diet

Add green vegetables to your diet like- Green beans, spinach, Broccoli, Capsicum, etc.

The main purpose of adding veggies to your diet, it has high in fiber and fills your stomach so that you can’t crave them.

Also, veggies have a high amount of vitamins and minerals to support you in fat loss.

4. Always Focus on Carb Cycle

As we talk about the fat loss tips the major factor is the carb cycle. So lots of My friends don’t know about the carb cycle diet plan.

It is very simple to understand in the carb cycle we have to manipulate the carbs intake in such a way like we take 3 days low carb diet, 2 days moderate carb, and 1-day high carb.

Through this technique, you can easily lose fat without getting crave for the carbs. I personally follow the carb cycle for my fat loss.

I am giving you guys a brief plan on how to follow the carb cycle and get amazing results:-

  • If you have 2000 calories goal for fatloss the divide your macro 45% protein, 30% carbs and 25% fats.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- Low carbs ( approx. 120 g ). This is just a sample you can take according to your calories measurement.
  • Thursday- Moderate carbs, Friday and Saturday- Low carbs, Sunday- High Carbs ( Rest Day )

So guys you can adjust according to your body how your body reacts after 15 days. If you have any issues please DM me on @souravdlp

5. Follow Endurance Based Workout

endurance workout weight loss

When I saw many people in the gym they doing exercise without any workout plan. And after some months they Don’t

achieve any result and get disappointed. If you have a plan then definitely you guys bang the gym.

Do supersets of exercises and 15-20 reps of each exercise, the science behind is very simple if you do supersets it

hits the muscle intensively and burns more calories. But you have to pick moderate weights to hit 25-20 reps.

If you do supersets and giant sets it raises your heartbeat and it helps you to burn the calories.

6. Add Supplements for fat loss ( optional )

As we already discuss nutrition, now we can add some good supplements that help us

to burn more fat. The number one supplement I prefer is L-Carnitine and BCAAs amazing result people get from this supplement.

But keep in mind these are just addons if your nutrition, workout, and rest are on the top then only supplements work.

Note:- If you are just a normal fitness freak like me and don’t want the 5-6% fat percentage then no need to add supplements.

7. Avoid Too Much Salt, Spice and Sugar

salt gain fat

When you guys are on your fitness journey always remember that too much salt, spice, and sugar are the number one enemy.

The daily dosage of salt is 2500mg this is enough because when you eat other food they have already sodium in natural form.

I personally suggest don’t use artificial sugar instead you can use a small piece of jaggery. I don’t use sugar because in my diet I

eat fruits and as you already know fruits have natural sugar i.e. Fructose It fills my sugar cravings.

8. Strictly Avoid Fast Food

The best practice for fat loss is to avoid the fast-food through your diet plan, this fat loss tip is very important to follow.

Fast food is always a challenge in the fat loss journey because all fast food is made of a simple form of carbs and high in sodium.

And If you are adding too much junk food to your diet then your body starts holding water. This causes kidney failure, heart blockage, etc.

Occasionally you can add cheat meals but in a proper manner and according to your diet.

9. Do Post workout cardio to burn fat

fat loss cardio

Now here is the game changer post-workout cardio that helps you to burn extra calories which are stored in the form of fat.

After your high-intensity endurance workout, you can do 20-30 minutes of cardio.

Add running at the speed of 12-15 km/hr, Stationary bike, and sprinting as well. Cardio is basically a workout for heart health

If you have a good flow of blood in the body then all the organs are working fine.

10. Take a good sleep for fat loss

If you want a consistent fat loss during your program that you follow then a night of good sleep is a must.

We all are living in a busy society and very hectic work schedules that’s why we always neglect our good quality sleep.

Sleep is more important for our growth because your body grows when sleep and this will relax your brain and muscles.

Always take 6-8 hours of good quality sleep, and avoid mobile before you sleep put into the flight mode so that radiation can’t disturb your sleep.


So guys at the end of the article I request you to follow these Ten Fat loss tips and you guys get wonderful results. For all the beginners have some patience of 4-5 months if you are following with heart. These tips are my own experience that I follow from the last 7 years of the fitness journey.

If still, you have some questions please comment below and message me on Instagram.

So that’s it guys if you like my article please share it with your friends and help them and follow my social media and tag me.

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Ten Fat loss tips help you get better
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Ten Fat loss tips help you get better
The one and only ten best fat loss tips for You to get better results within a month. The fat loss tips well test on my personal experience.
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